Bring Them Home

A song dedicated to the families of passengers and crew of MH370   credits to...

Celebrating Us - Ilham Pujangga

This is a beautiful, heart-warming original composition by Aubrey Suwito, and performed by Juwita Su...

Future Expressions : 6 Artists Reflect on the Futu...

    WHAT lies in Malaysia's political future?     In a ques...

My Hometown, Penang - Short Film Trailer

    ASTRO RED FILM PRESENTS: "Hi, I'm Julia" Directed by Nadiah...

Are Malaysians really racist?

And the answer is........... A Big Fat NO!     It all started with a questio...

Sultan Azlan Shah's Legacy

  Sultan Azlan Muhibbuddin Shah was born on the 19 April 1928 and was the Sultan of Perak. He was...

Pray for MH370

  Malaysians of all religions pray for MH370   credits to The Rakyat Post

What I've Learnt - Abdullah Badawi, former Prime M...

    In our Meaning of Life issue (

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Mai Kunjung - Jugra, Selangor

Mai Kunjung - Jugra, Selangor

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Mai Kunjung - Jugra, Selangor



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